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About us


As a practioner owner, I never thought that someday, I would find myself in the education field, until one day, I received an offer to become a lecturer at one of the biggest universities in Surabaya. 

From the moment I start teaching, I felt that this is something different, within the practitioner's field, where we traditionally, just keep focusing on selling things, and keep trying to achieve a higher selling point.  To see children getting the best education; it gives me a different excitement and a different sense of achievement. The dedication to a younger generation and trying to give them the best education and also the best character, was more challenging and it was not easy, but I  gain, a higher level of satisfaction, when I see a these children, growing and becoming good people, better people, in their education, character, spirit and health as a result of what we are providing here. .

My greatest wish is that I could keep working and dedicating myself, in this education field, to make Indonesian children become better people, and more certainly, they would become more than a conqueror. 

To God be the glory


To provide the ways and meansfor our beloved children
 to get the best, integral and holistic education to contribute
 to their spiritual character, knowledge, academic skill, and physical development,
so as to give glory to God
and to be the pride of the nation,  their parents, and the society wherever they will be


To achieve that vision, we have a three-pronged approach to our mission:
Spiritual approach:
Fear of God Character building
Respecting parents and others
Developing inner beauty
Self confidence
Loving kindness and gratefulness
caring for the environment

knowledge and academic approach:
to Endeavour to give the highest standard of education
to create a wise and understanding person to face their future
to nurture live-long learners

physical well-being approach:
physical exercise

supporting programs for the champions entrepreneurship programs

We promote:
Character-based education
Honesty and sincerity in mutual dealings
Academic excellence and entrepreneural skills
Motivated and self-driven learners
Physical health and well being
Inner beauty as reflection of behaviour
One-on-one attention and support from the staff
Nurturing and caring attitude towards the environment

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